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Poetry & Reflections


“I look forward to this every week and I learn so much. You are as important to me and as valuable as The Washington Post and The New York Times. Thank you for helping me grow and getting me back from the ledge on a few occasions.”

Kathleen B. , Sunday Paper Reader

“Thank you so much for compiling this truly validating, healing, and practical-action teaching resource.”

Judy G. , Sunday Paper Reader

“Just stumbled across The Sunday Paper. I found it overwhelmingly positive amid all the negativity surrounding us these days. I will be sending this out to my friends. Thank you for being a positive, hopeful beacon.”

Mary M. , Sunday Paper Reader

“I look forward to this newsletter each Sunday! It's like Maria is speaking to me personally. Sometimes I feel like she is reading my mind that week.”

Julie G. , Sunday Paper Reader

“The Sunday Paper is many things to me...when I'm down I will read something that instantly brings me up...when I'm conflicted about something there is always an article that helps direct me to the right answer...but mostly The Sunday Paper makes me very happy. Many, many Thanks.”

Donna , Sunday Paper Reader

“Such a wonderful space of reflection and nurturing wisdom you have created, Maria. Thank you so much. I needed to run to a place like The Sunday Paper as my escape, so I can breathe and hope and trust. Thank you for this miracle space you have created.”

Flor , Sunday Paper Reader

“My mom and I live in different parts of the country and we have very different political views and social values. We both read The Sunday Paper every week and it unites us and helps us grow a deeper mother-daughter bond.”

Clio , Sunday Paper Reader