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Writer's Guidelines

The Sunday Paper is a weekly digital publication that's on a mission to elevate the voices and ideas of those trying to move humanity forward.

As part of our mission, we partner with journalists, writers, and other creative professionals to provide readers with engaging content produced exclusively for The Sunday Paper. This work is deemed "A Sunday Paper Original" and is included in our weekly newsletter, as well as amplified on our socials.


The Sunday Paper does not pay for articles that are pitched to us. If you've pitched a story idea to an editor at The Sunday Paper and it is approved for publication, you own all rights to that piece and may include promotional links in the copy (for example, links to your social media, website, business, or books you've written), which will be agreed upon by you and your editor. While you can make a request regarding the timing of the publication of your piece, please know that lineups are always subject to change. Your editor will notify you when your article is slated to run.

The Sunday Paper does pay for articles commissioned by the editorial team. To ensure we collaborate with each writer in an honest and efficient way, we require the following guidelines be met when submitting a commissioned Sunday Paper Original piece:


  • The article context and subject matter must be approved by an editor at the Sunday Paper in writing, usually via email.
  • The article must be an original piece written exclusively for The Sunday Paper that has not been previously published elsewhere. We do not accept AI generated work.
  • The article length must be between 600-1000 words. If the writer goes over the word count, this will not warrant further compensation. Your editor has full reign to edit the piece to a complementary length.
  • The fee paid for each commissioned and approved article for The Sunday Paper ranges from $100 to $250, which will be decided on and approved in advance by your editor.

Writer Support

  • The Sunday Paper encourages writers to share their "Sunday Paper Original" on their respective social channels, and our social media team will share on one or more of our social channels as well.
  • The Sunday Paper has the sole rights to a commissioned article for one week. This means the article will only run on The Sunday Paper. After one week, the writer may publish the piece elsewhere with the mandate that the piece is footnoted with "Originally Published on The Sunday Paper" and linked to the original article.

How to Submit Your Pitch

Pitches can be sent here. Due to volume, we cannot guarantee all pitches will receive a response.