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Aspire Higher

Aspire Higher

By Maria Shriver
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As last week came to a close, I sat down in stillness to think about which stories had impacted me over the last few days.

Which stories made their way through the noise? Which stories somehow managed to rise above it? After all, living a life above the noise doesn’t mean you turn away from staying informed. To me, it means you have to be intentional about what news and information you do consume, as well as be mindful about what you allow in (or more importantly, what you allow to stay in).

What you allow to stay with you matters because your mind can only manage so much. Your heart can only deal with so much. That’s why each day and each week, I take stock of the news I’ve consumed to see what is worth thinking about here in this space. I play a game of sorts with myself towards the end of the week and try to see what is still lingering in my mind or what has impacted my heart.

Sometimes I’m still thinking about something from the week before, like the Michigan win and the power that sports has on the collective, but also on the individual. Having a team to root for with my son, his friends, and his community has had a powerful impact on our relationship.

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