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Designing a Deeply Meaningful Life

Designing a Deeply Meaningful Life

By Maria Shriver
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I was on the move again this week.

As I was packing my bag for my next trip, my daughter walked into my room and seemed surprised.

"Not again," she said.

I told her it was just a short trip, but still she said, "Mommy, you have got to stop. Every few days, you are flying somewhere else. You’re nuts!"

Maybe she’s right, but off I went to New York City anyways. I wasn’t there to cover the Trump trial (thank God), but I was there to speak at an Uber conference, where the company unveiled several new products. One of these products was of particular interest to me: a new ride service for caregivers. That’s right, a young engineer named Jeremy had shared with the higher-ups on his team how strapped his mother felt working full-time, raising kids, and caring for a mom with dementia and a father who had suffered strokes. He told them about how more than 25 percent of the public identifies as a caregiver and how all of them are strapped in many ways.

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