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At 77, Superstar Icon Cher Has Some of the Best Dating Advice We've Heard

At 77, Superstar Icon Cher Has Some of the Best Dating Advice We've Heard

By The Sunday Paper Team
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"Don't fall in love with a younger man," says Cher. "And don't fall in love by text."

Well, there went that theory, admits the global icon during her interview with Amanda Dimoldenberg on the digital series Chicken Shop Date. Cher indeed did fall for a man her junior—and she recommends every woman do the same, at least once in their life. "Go out with a younger man," she tells Dimoldenberg with a slight smile.

The two women carry on about love, dating, and heartbreak. Dimoldenberg then asks Cher about why she rejected Elvis. "I was frightened," responds the superstar.

But what is Cher afraid of? pushes Dimoldenberg. The star's answers make two things apparent: Cher is unafraid of challenges. "I've been out of my comfort zone most of my life," she says. And she is always a champion of love. "You can't give up because somebody's waiting around the corner."

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