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Come Home to Love

Come Home to Love

By Maria Shriver
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Every week I block off one day on my calendar, and I guard it with my life.

Everyone around me knows not to schedule anything on this day because it’s my special day. It’s a day that helps me put everything in perspective. It takes me back in time and gives me hope for the days to come. I lift weights during the week so I’ll be strong for this day. I also try to eat healthy and get enough sleep so that I’m at my best for this day.

That day is Friday, and I love it so much because it’s my designated playdate day with my granddaughter, Lyla Maria. Every Friday, I pick her up from school. She dances while I sign her out of her preschool, and then we scream with glee. We go to the park and play, laugh, and make all kinds of friends with all kinds of people. We also go to lunch and sometimes go to the office (she loves working at the office…yes, really!). Most of all, we act like two girls who are thrilled with life and with each other.

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