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DeVon Franklin Says It Takes a Woman to Raise a Man

DeVon Franklin Says It Takes a Woman to Raise a Man

By Stacey Lindsay
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DeVon Franklin, an author, award-winning producer, motivational speaker, and dear friend of The Sunday Paper, recently released his new project: an Audible Original book entitled It Takes a Woman. It is a celebration of love, family, perseverance, and motherhood in all its forms.

To know Franklin is to be keen on his many projects, all of which he infuses with truth, joy, and positivity. But there’s something even extra personal about this audiobook. It takes listeners into the hearts and minds of the women who helped raise Franklin and his brothers after their father died. Franklin talks with his mother, Paulette, and his five living great aunts—Aunt Donna, Aunt Ida, Aunt Enis, Aunt Sondra, and Aunt Nuna—about how their love nurtured him to become the man he is today.

We recently chatted with DeVon, his mother, and aunts—whom he refers to as ‘The Village’—about the growth and joy that came out of their bond and why this audiobook is particularly special to Maria and The Sunday Paper.

Editor's note: You can purchase It Takes a Woman here.