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At Age 77, Diane Keaton is Embracing Her Single Life—and Inspiring Others to Join Her on That Path

At Age 77, Diane Keaton is Embracing Her Single Life—and Inspiring Others to Join Her on That Path

By The Sunday Paper Team
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When we think of the characters Diane Keaton has played, images of powerful, irreverent, iconoclastic women come to mind.

Now when we think of the leading Hollywood actress herself, the same happens. Why is this? Because Keaton has always done things her way without care for societal expectations or norms. This is evident in her approach to love, which she’s candidly talked about recently. “I don’t date,” Keaton told Natasha Stoynoff for AARP. “Highly unlikely. I don’t remember anyone calling me, going, ‘This is So-and-So. I’d like to take you out.’ They don’t happen. Of course not.”

But just because Keaton is single by choice doesn’t mean she lacks love in her vibrant life. Quite the opposite. The actor is a mother to one son and one daughter, whom she adopted when she was 50, a loyal friend, and a dog owner. (We love getting snippets of all of this, plus her insatiable appetite for design and fashion, on her Instagram.)

She’s also a reveler in the silver screen relationships she’s had. As AARP reported about her Valentine’s day Instagram post, “Keaton posted a montage of some of her steamiest make-out scenes, dedicated to “all the men who were paid to kiss me.”

At 77, the single-and-loving-it Keaton, who has never married, is proving that happiness doesn’t mean fulfilling societal expectations. It means doing things your way—which we believe is a mantra for a happy life.

To learn more about Keaton, read this recent AARP article here.

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