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New Book from Emma Heming Willis on Her Caregiving Journey Coming 2025!

New Book from Emma Heming Willis on Her Caregiving Journey Coming 2025!

By Stacey Lindsay
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At The Sunday Paper, we dedicate every aspect of our work to spotlighting brilliant Architects of Change and reporting on stories that rise above the noise and Move Humanity Forward. In this light, we are thrilled to share that The Open Field, Maria Shriver's book imprint, will publish a guide for caregivers authored by Emma Heming Willis in 2025. 

In the book, Emma will share her experience in a newfound role as a care partner to her husband, Bruce Willis, who has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. The pages will also include interviews and expert advice, ultimately offering a thoughtful, inspiring guide for those seeking support while navigating a loved one's dementia.

Since Bruce's diagnosis, Emma has been vocal about one of the most challenging realities of being a caregiver: the need to feel knowledgeable, equipped, and in community with others going through similar experiences. "For me, knowledge is power, and building a supportive community around me has been vital," Emma said. "It has brought stability and a certain amount of control back, control that was completely shattered when the diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia first came into our family's world. Dementia not only affects your loved one but can shake a whole family's foundation, and self, if you allow it. Identifying the right resources to educate and enlighten myself has been powerful and has allowed me the space to continue to move forward in the most positive way so that I can be the best mother, wife, daughter, friend, and care partner. I want to be able to share that with the next person who finds themselves here."

The Sunday Paper asked Emma this past week about the light of knowledge she hopes to shed for those existing in the often confusing and overwhelming path of a frontotemporal dementia diagnosis. "For many people, their first touch point about this disease is received in their doctor's office," she exclusively told The Sunday Paper. I think it's very important how this information from doctor to patient and loved one is relayed. Having resources and information readily available is imperative. I know between my experience and other care partners that I have spoken to; our stories are unfortunately similar. We left that office with close to no resources or support and with a diagnosis that I could hardly pronounce."

Emma added that it would have been "helpful, kind, and loving" to have had someone walk her and her family through, such as a social worker. "Why did I have to turn to the world-wide-web after for help and answers? And we all know what a dark hole it can be in there," she told us.

Because of Emma's truth telling, fortitude, and light in this darkness, we are so proud Maria's imprint, The Open Field, is the one to publish this needed book. We know firsthand the power of Emma's beautiful writing, as she has written for The Sunday Paper and informed our readership community with her brilliant and heartfelt view. We feel honored that Emma trusts The Open Field imprint to honor her words and bring them into the hands and homes of the millions of caregivers out here. 

For Maria, bringing Emma's book to the world is a professional and personal joy. "I'm thrilled to be publishing Emma's book for caregivers. She and I have known each other for a long time, and I'm so proud of the way she is using her voice to help others," said Maria. "Caregivers are unsung heroes in our society—they need guidance, support, knowledge, along with community and a roadmap. We will be giving them this with this new book from The Open Field. I couldn't be more excited and proud."

This feeling is mirrored in Emma’s sentiments. “Partnering with Maria Shriver and her Open Field publishing company is a natural fit,” she said. “I’ve always been motivated by Maria and her generous spirit in all things, especially when it comes to her devoted advocacy within the Alzheimer’s and dementia space. I am grateful for this unique, healing, and important opportunity to use my voice to raise awareness, encourage, and support others.”

Emma Heming Willis smiling.

In our endless mission to produce content to inspire a life above the noise at The Sunday Paper and The Open Field (and every chapter of Shriver Media), we are honored to share this news and be in partnership with a true Architect of Change, paving a more vibrant path for us all, especially those of us navigating caregiving. And as Emma's words reflect, she will do just that.

"I want this to be the book I wish I had when I left that visit,” Emma told The Sunday Paper. "I want this book to land in the hands of care partners, but especially new care partners, who have just received this life-changing news. They should know they are not alone and there is support, even hope. In a perfect world, I envision this book in that doctor’s office, and he or she, puts it in their hands to bring home."

"I want this book to feel like a warm hug because that is what we need throughout this whole journey."

Stacey Lindsay

Stacey Lindsay is a journalist and Senior Editor at The Sunday Paper. A former news anchor and reporter, Stacey is passionate about covering women's issues. Learn more at:

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