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Here to Rise

Here to Rise

By Maria Shriver
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Happy Palm Sunday to you. Can you believe it will be Easter Sunday in just one week? Wow, how fast this year is already flying.

I know many think of Easter as being about chocolates, egg hunts, and brunches, but for me it’s a day about rising. And rising has been on my mind a lot this week.

The other day, my friend Tom wrote me a note that said he had been giving quite a bit of thought lately to what he referred to as “my rising contributions in the world.”

"Maria, you are rising, and you’re still rising,” he said to me. “You’re still climbing, still inventing and innovating, and still contributing."

I stared at his note for a long while. His words really made me think deeply about how he was describing this period of my life. I wrote Tom back to thank him and also to tell him that I thought it was interesting that he viewed me as "rising," when it wasn’t too long ago that I felt like I was "dissolving."

Yes, I did. In fact, I recall writing to myself a few years ago that I felt as though I was dissolving before my very eyes. I went back to my notes to find exactly what I wrote. It was June 2021.

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