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In the Wake of Catastrophic Flooding, Save the Children is Stepping Up to Support Kentucky Families

In the Wake of Catastrophic Flooding, Save the Children is Stepping Up to Support Kentucky Families

By The Sunday Paper Team
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As each day passes, the effects of climate change rear their head a little bit more. This week, the world had to look no further than the state of Kentucky to see the catastrophic results of the Earth's atmosphere warming, and therefore retaining more moisture. The New York Times reports that in the wake of heavy rains and flash flooding, at least 25 people have died, with many more currently missing.

In times such as these, communities rely on organizations that have made it their mission to move humanity forward. Betsy Zorio of Save the Children, an organization invested in supporting the global community's children, says her team has "worked in eastern Kentucky for 90 years and have deep relationships across all of the counties impacted by the flooding." To support these families, the organization has set up an appeal with hopes to raise at least $1 million to distribute urgent supplies like water, hygiene kits, and diapers. Additionally, they plan to provide cash support to families in need.

Zorio tells The Sunday Paper, "We also plan to set up child-friendly spaces in shelters to give kids a place to play while their parents deal with the aftermath." And their efforts won't end once the news of these floods leaves our screens, Zorio says. "We will be there for the long-haul, helping child care, after school and other programs for kids and families to recover."

In times of crisis, The Sunday Paper is reminded of the many Architects of Change that put in the work, day in and day out—and to Save the Children we say, "Bravo!" To support families affected by this week's flash flooding in Kentucky, visit their website here.

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