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It's Really That Simple

It's Really That Simple

By Maria Shriver
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Dear Life,

I’ve been wanting to speak with you for some time now. Not about anything in particular, per se. After all, I’ve come to learn that in the long run, all the “this and that’s” don't add up to much. Neither do things. Things just make the “this and that’s” harder to keep track of.

I also don’t want to talk to you this morning about the news. I get the sense that you don't either. I don't think you have much to say about George Santos. You might be surprised at the New Zealand prime minister's bold statement about her tank being empty and how it’s time to move on from her job, but maybe not.

After all, you know how hard this marathon is. You know that living takes energy and inspiration, neither of which Jacinda Ardern said she had any more of to give to her role. I bet you get that. Life, you can drain both out of us at times, but you always have a way of filling up the reservoirs and keeping us moving forward. You are surprising, unsettling, and unpredictable like that.

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