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Lessons of the Labyrinth

Lessons of the Labyrinth

By Maria Shriver
M389.2 48h70.6L305.6 224.2 487 464H345L233.7 318.6 106.5 464H35.8L200.7 275.5 26.8 48H172.4L272.9 180.9 389.2 48zM364.4 421.8h39.1L151.1 88h-42L364.4 421.8z

I walked through a labyrinth last Sunday.

Have you ever walked a labyrinth before? If not, I highly recommend it. The practice of walking in silence around and around until you come to the center, and then back out again, is a powerful one.

I love labyrinths. I feel a sense of reverential awe whenever I’m in the presence of one, especially one out in nature. I love how walking a labyrinth mirrors walking one’s own life path. Around and around we go. Just when we get to the center, we have to walk back out. Life’s path is often circular; it can be arduous, bumpy, and filled with rocks and stones. It can also give way to a beautiful stretch, one in which we feel, "Oh wow, I’ve got this," only to then hit a rock, twist our ankle, and start again. Like a homemade labyrinth, our lives are homemade. They can be messy and beautiful, mysterious, heartbreaking, awe-inspiring, and rough around the edges. They are ours to define for ourselves with every turn.

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