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Love's Day by Cleo Wade

By The Sunday Paper Team
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Love's Day by Cleo Wade

and I pray each day can be Love’s day
where Love shows up in its many shades
& manifestations
not only as a chocolate delicately placed in
a heart-shaped box or a flower from the garden wrapped in red
(though let us hold on to these tokens & traditions as they remind
us that thoughtfulness is the light
that shines in the little things)
Love each day, valentine’s or not, might look like
a call to a friend who has not heard your voice in a while
it might look like an apology and feel like forgiveness,
a hug
a blessing offered to someone in need of a blessing (which as it
turns out, is all of us, in some way)
Love might appear as patience toward your neighbor when your
differences feel like a river with no
perhaps, in your separateness, you can look up to the same sky,
share the sun as it sets on you the
same, wave to them, maybe even send them a kiss to catch
Love will always offer a meeting place
for when the day belongs to Love, we belong to the day.

— Cleo Wade, Exclusively for The Sunday Paper

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