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I Opened My Life to Faith and Everything Changed for the Better. Here Are 5 Lessons from My Awakening Era

I Opened My Life to Faith and Everything Changed for the Better. Here Are 5 Lessons from My Awakening Era

By Matt Jacobi-Caprio
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Earlier this year, I scheduled time to speak with my pastor on a random weekday to flush out some thoughts I was having about changes in my life. As I sat across from him, I explained that I was not coming to him for what may be considered a typical dilemma. Rather, I was there to simply express that I was having a stronger relationship with God and loving more like Jesus, causing a total shift within and around me. Life had started to appear differently and began to separate the chaos from the light, the ego from selflessness, the love from the anger, the pain from the forgiveness, and the genuine friendships from the drama. I had found myself reacting differently and even went through a reevaluating process. Perhaps, I can dare say proudly, that the lessons I have been hearing from church over the years, including messages from the bible, and other experiences in my faith, were beginning to stay on a steady cruise control in my mind. I wanted to share all of this with him.

You see, nobody tells you what will happen to your life once you truly dedicate time to building a close relationship with God. There is no step-by-step pamphlet explaining the various stages; honestly, there should never be. Everyone’s experience is personal and completely different. But, one should  expect some change once they become a believer. Because from one student of faith to another, you will begin to see yourself, your past, and present with a new lens.

My pastor has spoken about this type of lens in his sermons over the years since we started going to church. He has been a positive force in helping me and my husband see and understand what it means to be a Christian. Our story is one for the record books, as I believe the mini-mountains moved within our local community are significant tales that reflect Jesus.

For those of you that are new to hearing about my faith story, it all started during the midst of the pandemic and on the heels of my mother-in-law’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I needed more God in my life, and although I was not sure what that would look like, I was ready to go down a faith highway of discovery. I did just that and I call it my awakening era.  

You don’t have to be a Christian to relate to my experience. But if you have ever been enlightened by a higher power or wanted to go through a transformation, then I would say we are all metaphorically seated at the same table right now.

Here are some of the most profound lessons I have learned from my awakening era. However and wherever this finds you, I hope you can see from these lessons that a deeper faith and connection to God is possible, always.

Lesson #1: Keep Following the Signs

As you draw closer to God, you can expect a season where you begin to question or reevaluate your meaning behind past job pursuits or even your current career path. Having faith in your life may pivot your personal goals or change career gears that are more fulfilling. God has a cool way of showing us that it is less about what our job can do for us and more about what our job can do for helping others. God’s word gives clarity and direction—so please keep following the signs and opportunities when presented. 

Lesson #2: Be Open to Changing Friendships

Changes in friendships, especially in long-term friendships, can be hard because they often feel like a loss. But, there will be people in your life that don’t want to hear about your spiritual journey or even appreciate the new version of yourself that you are becoming. Remember that self-work and faith often helps eliminate your need to please, reminds you to ease up on the gossiping, encourages you to stop certain vices, and helps realign you with new interests. You will begin to meditate on who you surround yourself with and get advice from.

Lesson #3: Spiritual Mentorship Can Help You Heal

Therapy is so important for anyone dealing with past pain, deep hurt, and abuse. Please know that therapy and faith can and should go together when needed. With that said, I will say that God can bring healing to emotional pain, as well. Reflection, forgiveness, and seeking spiritual mentorship can help pave the way for setting up freedom from your past. It is possible to release anger and resentment held in our hearts.

Lesson #4: Offering Grace Can Help to Bridge New Space

Come on everyone! This is a topic that can cover pages and pages. Generational pain is talked about more than ever these days. My connection with God has really helped me in this department, especially having forgiveness to relatives that have gone out of their way to hurt me. As I learned more about Jesus, I started giving grace to relatives who have acted poorly by simply seeing their own pain (and, as cliché as this sounds, praying for them too). It does not make their actions right or less hurtful, but in some instances it did assist in bridging a new space to move forward. God does show us to be better at responding than reacting. Ugh, I know that is hard to do, but try to take a day or two to pray on a family matter before immediately expressing your first initial emotion.

Lesson #5: Have Trust in the Journey

As you build your relationship with God, you will experience greater resilience to life’s daily challenges. Anxiety and fear will begin to lose steam, and confidence in your intuition (or what some call the Holy Spirit working through you) will take stride. Listen to that! I am a believer in destiny, too, but that coincides with making better decisions, having a healthy mindset, and fostering positive energy within and around you. 

I close this article by reminding you that you don’t need to attend church to have a relationship with God. This is not about religion. I am advocating for you to have a personal connection to God. Through that, you will find that your life can change, and miracles of all sizes will be presented. What you do with those experiences is up to you, but try imagining a world where more people are awakened by LOVE.

Matt Jacobi-Caprio is a writer, advocate, and voice of truth. His early career began in TV at ABC News in Phoenix. He later worked at E! News, and he continued his on-camera career as a TV personality, starring in two reality shows. Today, he is a Chief Operating Officer for an award-winning creative agency. Jacobi-Caprio and his husband, Nick created the first Barbie same-sex wedding set. Learn more at

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