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Meaningful Visits

Meaningful Visits

By Maria Shriver
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And Happy Luck of the Irish Day to you!

I’m excited for today. I’m choosing to lean into my Irish heritage and believe that hard work, persistence, and determination (mixed with some Irish luck) are the recipe to making the unbelievable in life become believable.

Mindset is everything as we move through our days. It makes all the difference to how someone handles everything thrown their way, particularly those challenges that seem insurmountable. I’ve long sought out mentors who rise above the noise no matter what life throws at them. These are individuals who manage to remain optimistic and hopeful when the world feels noisy, negative, and even nefarious. I need people like these to help me put things in perspective and remain calm when the sea feels turbulent. Do you have guides like these in your life? I sure hope so, because the company you keep can bring you down or lift you up.

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