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Moments to Savor

Moments to Savor

By Maria Shriver
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My friend Simon came over for dinner the other night. We wanted to get together before he went away for the holidays, and I’m so glad we did. Why? Because every time we get together, we talk about everything under the sun.

We talk about world affairs, workplace issues, and family stuff. We talk about the past and what’s ahead. Simon and I became friends right before Covid and during that time, we went on walks and talks, discussing every issue one can imagine.

I love deep conversation. It’s one of my love languages. It’s how I think, how I learn, how I grow, and how I evolve. My goal is to keep growing, keep digging, and keep evolving. As Yung Pueblo’s new book so beautifully articulates, this is the way forward.

After Simon left the other night, I sat down on my porch to go through old photos to post for my daughter Katherine’s 34th birthday. I went way back, and I went deep.

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