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In Honor of “Movember” and International Men’s Day, Here are 3 Organizations Working to Support Men’s Health

In Honor of “Movember” and International Men’s Day, Here are 3 Organizations Working to Support Men’s Health

By The Sunday Paper Team
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Men’s health is in crisis. Men are dying on average 4.5 years earlier than women, and for largely preventable reasons. A growing number of men – around 10.8M globally – are facing life with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Globally, testicular cancer is the most common cancer among young men. And across the world, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 69% of all suicides.

Movember is uniquely placed to address this crisis on a global scale. We fund groundbreaking projects all over the world, engaging men where they are to understand what works best and accelerate change.

We’re doing what others can’t. We unite experts from around the world to collaborate on projects that will fundamentally change the way men in need are treated and supported. To ensure our impact is significant, far-reaching and long-lasting, we prioritise funding for the three biggest health issues facing men: mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Men's Health Network (MHN)

MHN is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness and disease prevention messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation.

There is an ongoing, increasing and predominantly silent crisis in the health and well-being of men. Due to a lack of awareness, poor health education, and culturally induced behavior patterns in their work and personal lives, men's health and well-being are deteriorating steadily.

The men's health crisis is seen most dramatically in mortality figures. In 1920, the life expectancy of males and females was roughly the same. Since that time and, increasingly, in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, the life expectancy for men has dropped in comparison with that of women, with women outliving men by more that 5 years. Over the last thirty years, the ratio of male mortality over female mortality has increased in every age category. Life expectancy and mortality tables are found here and here. Men's Health Network (MHN) was created to address the growing men's health crisis.

Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)

The PCF funds the world’s most promising research on the biology and treatment of prostate cancer, accelerating those discoveries into therapies and strategies designed to improve the quality of life and overall survival of patients. As the Global Public Square of Prostate Cancer, PCF brings together patients, researchers, caregivers, and clinicians into a singular community focused on reducing death and suffering from the disease.

PCF is the world’s leading philanthropic organization dedicated to the research and eradication of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, with 1 in 8 men diagnosed in their lifetime.

Right now, one man dies every 15 minutes from prostate cancer in the United States. PCF’s vision is to end all deaths from prostate cancer by raising awareness and funding urgent, cutting-edge research.

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