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News Above the Noise—Week of December 10, 2023

News Above the Noise—Week of December 10, 2023

By The Sunday Paper Team

Editor's Note: Every week, The Sunday Paper's team of journalists sifts through the news to make sense of what's happening in the world and provide hope for your week to come. We find what Rises Above the Noise and do our best to highlight what we think matters. If you’d like to read more in-depth, please note that while we do our best to feature articles that are not behind a paywall, some of the news pieces we recommend require their own subscriptions beyond our control.

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1. People Are Sharing Their (Rather Intense!) Family Secrets

Do you have any family secrets that would tear your family apart if they came out? That’s what Buzzfeed recently asked 13 anonymous people—and you don’t want to miss what they had to say. Click here to read all the juicy details.

2. Would We Be Better Off Without WiFi at Home?

There’s no doubt our smart phones have made life more convenient. We can reach loved ones immediately with a simple text, or find answers to any questions within seconds. Yet nearly 60 percent of Americans report they use their phones too often—and we admit to struggling with using technology in “healthy” ways. When one couple decided this was true for them, they removed WiFi from their home. Here's how it played out.

3. Activist Nuns Sue Gun Maker Over AR-15 Rifles

When you think about gun safety activists, a group of Catholic nuns likely doesn’t come to mind. Yet that’s exactly who sued the board of gunmaker Smith & Wesson, trying to force them to abandon the manufacture, marketing, and sales of assault-style rifles. For more on this story, click here.

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