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News Above the Noise—Week of July 7, 2024

News Above the Noise—Week of July 7, 2024

By The Sunday Paper Team
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1. The Lingering Focus on Biden’s Shaky Debate Obscures Trump’s Major Verbal Miscues

There has been a major imbalance in the media coverage of the presidential candidates’ debate performances, and it’s one The Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board has called out in an important editorial: While major news outlets have run endless stories on President Biden’s performance, little attention has been paid to Trump’s incoherent debate showing. “Apparently, it’s OK for Trump to spew nonstop nonsense, but Biden can’t ever lose his train of thought,” wrote the editorial board. “Anyone looking for cognitive decline should tune into a Trump rally.” You can read this editorial in its entirety here.

2. Supreme Court Ethics Remain at Center Stage

After this week’s Supreme Court rulings, many legal experts fear that much of the country believes the nation’s highest court is political, not impartial, and doesn’t interpret the law from a neutral position. “They’ve got a potential legitimacy problem,” Charles Geyh, an Indiana University law professor and expert on judicial ethics, told The Washington Post. “The traditional notion that we will accept the results of the court whether we agree with it or not … is decreasingly the case. A lot of the ethics problems the court confronts fuel the perception that it is an organization more political than legal.” Click here for more on this story.

3. Gray Hair, Huge Muscles?

For many women over 50, there’s a new playbook for aging: lifting heavy weights. This advice is new—and many women are taking it to heart, ditching the cardio room for the weight room and feeling proud of muscle growth instead of afraid of it. For more on this trend, click here.

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