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News Above the Noise—Week of March 10, 2024

News Above the Noise—Week of March 10, 2024

By The Sunday Paper Team
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1. The State of Our Union

From foreign policy and a defense of women’s rights to fairer tax code and his administration’s record on crime, health care, and the economy, President Biden delivered a powerful State of the Union address last week. “It was a clever, at times brilliant speech, celebrating freedom at home and abroad, presenting himself as the defender of both, and his ‘predecessor’ (along with those who do his bidding in Congress) as a threat to both,” writes Fred Kaplan in this article. “And then, as a capper, not only acknowledging but touting his age as the marker of his experience, his firsthand familiarity with the nation’s values worth fighting for.”

2. Five Teachings of the Dalai Lama I Try to Live By

These days, it can feel tempting to tune out the news of the day, or to believe that only those with power or money have the potential to truly make our world a better place. But in his excellent new column, Arthur C. Brooks argues that’s the wrong way to view the world, who offers five bits of wisdom from the Tibetan tradition that prove the smallest acts often create big change. You can read the article here.

3. Jason Kelce’s Ugly Cry Was Just Perfect

After 13 seasons playing professional football, Jason Kelce announced his retirement. But what’s stuck with all of us—maybe even more than the news itself—is the way he delivered it: Forty five minutes of tears, raw emotion, and praise for his family, friends, teachers, coaches, and teammates was a gift, writes Amy Bass in this excellent piece: “his speech was a master class in why all men should cry. Ugly cry, in fact.”

4. Exercises We Hate (And Why We Should Do Them Anyway)

We all have them: Workout moves we absolutely dread doing. Maybe it’s burpees, or holding plank, or squats. It’s OK to not love these moves—but are you underestimating your ability to get them done? This article outlines the most valuable (and least-loved!) exercises according to a handful of trainers and other fitness experts—and tips on how to make them more appealing.

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