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News Above the Noise—Week of October 15, 2023

News Above the Noise—Week of October 15, 2023

By The Sunday Paper Team
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1. The Latest on the War in the Middle East

It’s been a little more than a week after Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza, carried out the worst terrorist attack in Israel in decades. For the last week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has massed military personnel and equipment at the border. A humanitarian crisis has also unfolded, as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians heed Israeli warnings to evacuate before an anticipated ground invasion. For the latest on this developing story, click here.

2. How to Avoid Falling for Misinformation in the News

As wonderful as the internet is for keeping us up to date on what’s happening in the world, the downside is the growing volume of misleading and downright false news and information online. The risks of misinformation and disinformation during a war like the one unfolding in Gaza is even higher, say experts. And thanks to the rapid spread of AI tools, the landscape is even dodgier. So, how can you know what to trust and share—and what to flag as misinformation or disinformation? This guide is a great start.

3. Is the Eye the Window to Alzheimer’s?

How’s this for exciting, high-tech health news? Getting tested for Alzheimer’s disease could soon be as simple as having an eye exam thanks to a new tool that harnesses the power of AI to detect signs of Alzheimer’s 20 years before symptoms develop. For more on how the test might work and when it could be widely available, click here.

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