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News Above the Noise: Week of October 30, 2022

News Above the Noise: Week of October 30, 2022

By The Sunday Paper Team
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1. Why Everyone You Know is Sick Right Now

Cold and flu season is off to an especially rough start this year, with a “tripledemic”—influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and COVID-19—causing much concern among public health officials. “We are very busy,” Kristina Bryant, an epidemiologist at Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, told Vox. “It’s different this year. ... It’s not even Halloween, and many children’s hospitals are operating at or above capacity.” To read more about why everyone is sick right now, click here.

2. John Fetterman's Stroke Has Sparked a National Debate

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman (D) recently had a stroke, and after a debate with Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, another debate started taking place around the country: What counts as a disability—and who is able to serve? During the debate, Fetterman’s health was center stage; he used a closed captioning system to help him understand questions and he sometimes struggled to form clear statements. The result? Many questions about how we view those with disabilities. To read more, click here.

3. People Who Make Good First Impressions Never Do These 4 Things—Even When They’re Nervous

First impressions are incredibly important—and too easy to get wrong, whether it’s because we’re lacking self-awareness, we feel insecure, or a host of other reasons. One journalist and public speaking coach has dedicated many years to studying how people communicate, and she’s uncovered four things those who are successful at making first impressions never do, even when their nerves threaten to get the best of them. To read them, click here.

4. What Is “Autumn Anxiety”—And Will You Experience It?

Sweater weather may be exciting for many of us, but the change of seasons—especially fall—can inspire feelings of anxiety, stress and uneasiness, certified life and success coach Julie Lowe tells Yahoo Life. “I think of autumn anxiety as the anxious cousin to the winter blues," she says. “Fall is here, summer is over and we're crashing back to reality. We have shorter days but busier schedules." To read more about what autumn anxiety is, and who’s most likely to experience it, click here.

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