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Now Is All You Have

Now Is All You Have

By Maria Shriver
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Good morning, my friends. If you don’t mind, I don’t feel like talking much this morning about the big headlines of the week. I know a lot has happened these last few days, from the protests on college campuses to President Trump’s hush money trial (which frankly, makes me sick to my stomach) to the Supreme Court arguments on Trump’s presidential immunity. But rather than getting swept up in all that right now, I’d rather start today with something more upbeat: a birthday wish to my brother Bobby, who turns 70 today.

That’s right, it’s not just any old birthday! It’s the dawning of a new decade for Bobby. It’s another shot at doing whatever remains on his bucket list. What a gift! I’m so happy for Bobby. He’s been an amazing big brother, husband, dad, uncle, cousin, and friend. He’s also a hard-charging social activist and humanitarian. Along with his great friend Bono, he launched RED, which has raised close to a billion dollars and delivered life-saving drugs to people battling HIV and AIDS around the world. He’s raised more than half a billion dollars for the Special Olympics by producing Very Special Christmas albums. The success of those albums has, in turn, brought sports programs and health programs to people all over the world. Bobby was also the mayor of Santa Monica, where he fought and continues to fight for dignity and housing for homeless veterans. It’s amazing that in this day and age we have to fight to secure housing and care for vets, but we do, and Bobby does. I mean, how about that life!

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