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Icon, Trailblazer, and Architect of Change Oprah Winfrey Is Turning 70—and She Continues to Evolve and Inspire Us All

Icon, Trailblazer, and Architect of Change Oprah Winfrey Is Turning 70—and She Continues to Evolve and Inspire Us All

By The Sunday Paper Team
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Oprah Gail Winfrey, or Oprah, as we all know her, is one of few people who can unequivocally be said to have evolved how we view self-reinvention and fortitude. The media mogul—who turns 70 tomorrow!—has persevered and pioneered, all in an endless pursuit to better humanity.

It's riveting to look at Oprah's career path, both then and now. She dived into radio in high school, soon after landing a news anchoring position when she was 19. It was only a matter of time when Oprah moved from news media to the daytime talk show world. Her eponymous show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, offered barrier-breaking stories on the arts, personal growth, and spirituality, and it pushed against the status quo. Known for her deep, empathetic approach to interviewing, Oprah always sought ways to stretch herself and help others do the same. 

She has also riveted on the big screen. Oprah's role as Sofia in the 1986 film The Color Purple, based on Alice Walker's novel, won her countless accolades (and continues to). She reprised the story as a producer on the 2023 adaptation which recently earned 16 NAACP Image Award nominations!

In more recent years, Oprah has continued to seek answers about the lives we all lead and the dreams inside all of us. Her current platform, Oprah Daily, is a source of inspiration that showcases culture-changers and experts in mindfulness, self-improvement, and more. Oprah champions the arts, rallies for the underdog, and never gives up on the people and ideas she believes in—and evidence of this has spanned her involvement in charities, politics, humanities, arts, and civics.

Oprah is a true Architect of Change. We applaud this truth-seeker, who is a lifelong friend to Maria and The Sunday Paper. We are forever grateful for how she continues to show us all that taking action and reinventing are two things worth going after, no matter our age. 

Happy Birthday, Oprah!

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