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Patience and Determination

Patience and Determination

By Maria Shriver
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This week, I spent time in various airports missing flights, getting rerouted, and having to remain patient—very, very patient.

Breaking news: Patience isn’t my greatest asset. But while I sat around waiting, I thought about how necessary patience has been in my life. In many ways, it’s been there for me even as I’ve had my foot on the gas pedal all these years trying to create change.

Interestingly, patience and pushing forward go well together. Setting a goal and working tirelessly towards it requires cultivating patience along the way. It also requires a dedicated and patient team of people working alongside you. We rarely see the value in our patience, our consistency, or the slog, though. We just fixate on the final product. We don’t appreciate the years of work that led us to where we are today.

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