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Rise Up and Rise Above

Rise Up and Rise Above

By Maria Shriver
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Happy Easter Sunday to you!

For some, today is a day of egg hunts, family brunches, and church services that celebrate a risen Christ. For others, it is another Sunday where you are simply trying to find a few moments to rest before the worries of the upcoming week take over.

Whatever your circumstances may be, I’d like to ask you to let go of the thought that today is just a day like any other. Imagine for just a few moments that today is a day where you get to envision a world that excites you. Think about a world where you feel you have purpose and meaning, and one where you feel loved, joyful, and optimistic.

Making this effort, my friends, is important. It’s our collective work. It is the work of our time to push up against the dark, negative forces that are trying to convince us that all hope is lost and that each day isn’t any better than the last. This is our collective work because if we don’t have hope—if we can’t be optimistic about our futures—then our days ahead will be cloudy indeed.

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