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Rob Lowe Turns 60 Today! Here’s His Roadmap for Aging and Living Well

Rob Lowe Turns 60 Today! Here’s His Roadmap for Aging and Living Well

By Lauren Westphal
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Rob Lowe turns 60 today! You may know him from The Outsiders, Parks and Recreation, Unstable, his hit podcast LITERALLY!, or any of the many iconic characters he has portrayed throughout his 45 year tenure in Hollywood—but what has his career, role as a husband and father, and sobriety taught him about life? What are his secrets to aging, health, and happiness? The Sunday Paper asked Lowe to find out.


As you celebrate your 60th birthday, what are the most valuable lessons you've learned about maintaining physical and mental well-being as you age? (In other words, How do you still look like that?)

For me, it’s about being active and breaking a sweat every day in some way. It could be weights, surfing, tennis, or a hike—but something every day whenever possible. Sleep is also supremely important. I’m embarrassed to actually say how many hours I could go for! Science now tells us that being proud of how little sleep you get is an outdated concept. Not drinking is also a huge piece for me. It’s been almost 34 years and as I get older I actually see more and more results.

You've had a vibrant career in a field that often emphasizes youth. How do you navigate the challenges and opportunities of aging within the entertainment industry?

Men are lucky. The parts just keep getting better and better as you age. Even well into their 70s and 80s, people like Michael Caine, Clint Eastwood, and others arguably have more to offer than at any other time in their very long and storied careers. So I’m very bullish on what’s ahead, but it also requires work. Staying intellectually curious and physically healthy are absolute keys. 

I also recommend fishing where the fish are. By that I mean, if you’re having good luck in a certain area, stay with it. If you’re not having good luck, be nimble and unashamed to move on to a different one.

Looking back on your younger years and considering where you are now, how has your perspective on life, health, and happiness evolved?

When I was 20-something all I wanted was to be in a Martin Scorsese movie. That was the dream. Well, that hasn’t happened but God had better plans for me. As I went into my 30s, I found an amazing woman, married her, and she gave me two amazing sons—way better than any role in any movie. 

My happiness is not dependent on what I do for a living; it’s measured by health, love, memories, adventure, and interesting and loving relationships.

What advice or wisdom would you offer to men navigating sobriety and aging with grace and resilience?

For me, everything I have today stems from being in recovery. Over the years, it’s forced me to stay diligent in my growth in many areas. It’s been the greatest gift. I found a happiness I never thought possible. It’s brought tremendous relationships into my life. 

I would encourage anyone with the idea to give it a try. As they turn 60, I look at some people my age who are beginning to see the effects of years of “social drinking” just a glass of wine every night. Man, it can really add up!

Keep up with Rob and his podcast, LITERALLY! here.

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