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Seize the Moment

Seize the Moment

By Maria Shriver
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“Seize the moment.”

Those were the words of the Pentagon’s top officer, General Mark A. Milley, this week as he spoke about "a window of opportunity" in the Ukraine war.

“Things can get worse, so when there’s an opportunity to negotiate, when peace can be achieved, seize it.” He said. “Seize the moment.”

General Milley’s words landed like a thud in my heart, mind, and soul. He may have been talking about Ukraine, but his words could also apply to our individual lives as well.

How many moments have we failed to seize in our own lives? I know I have missed my fair share. How many windows have we failed to open? How often have we been too arrogant or too stubborn to negotiate, be it in a job, a personal relationship, or when the entire government is at stake?

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