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Sunday Paper Recommends—Week of May 5, 2024

Sunday Paper Recommends—Week of May 5, 2024

By The Sunday Paper Team
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This week at The Sunday Paper, we're sharing a book, podcast, short film, event, newsletter, and two items that move the needle and spark inspiring change in mental health. We hope these suggestions open your heart and mind and encourage you to come together for meaningful conversations.

What We’re Reading

As she detailed in her 2020 New York Times Modern Love essay, Patric Gagne "knew as early as age 7 that I wasn't like other children." She recalled never caring about things kids around her did, and she often "felt nothing." But it wasn't until years later in college that Gagne understood what differentiated her: she is a diagnosed sociopath. Now, in her new book aptly titled Sociopath, Gagne tells her story of being someone with this misunderstood antisocial personality disorder. The book has received acclaim for the honesty weaved into it by Gagne, who is a psychologist, and primarily for her attempt to demystify and educate the world about sociopathy.

Click here to get your copy.

What We’re Listening to

We've been diving into the podcast Sensitive Stories hosted by therapist April Snow, which offers in-depth conversations and insights about Highly Sensitive People. As a California-based psychotherapist and an author, Snow has singlehandedly helped countless HSPs better understand themselves and how they function (and thrive) in our busy world. Her recently released podcast sheds a warm light on needed topics—from self-care to mental wellbeing—relating to sensitive introverts, empaths, creative high achievers, and more. Each rich conversation offers sound takeaways for anyone who identifies as an HSP or is close to one.

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Also on our radar is the award-winning podcast Therapy for Black Girls hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. The psychologist and author produce a compelling series of conversations anchored in wellness, culture, and mental health for Black women.  

Click here to listen!

The Gifts We're Gifting

The Women's Alzheimer's Movement at Cleveland Clinic, the non-profit founded by Maria, recently teamed up with High Camp, an ephemeral luxury brand, to offer this stunning "Vine and Bloom" gift box. It features a poem by Maria enclosed in an acrylic frame and 20 fresh cut-to-order gardenias. A perfect surprise for Mother's Day. Proceeds from the sales of this will benefit The Women's Alzheimer's Movement.

Click here to get yours!

Are you eating your way toward better brain health? Our sister team over at MOSH hopes you are. They're offering Sunday Paper readers a special incentive: Use code SUNDAYPAPER20 when purchasing MOSH bars— which give you protein to keep your brain and body fit, fueled, and feeling good—to receive 20 percent off any MOSH order of $50 or more. A portion of all MOSH Bar proceeds benefits The Women's Alzheimer's Movement at Cleveland Clinic.

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A Newsletter & Org We’re Loving

The mental health movement is here. Are you in? 

Project Healthy Minds 
is a mental health tech non-profit dedicated to closing the treatment gap in America by overcoming three primary barriers to care: stigma, discoverability, and affordability. Project Healthy Minds has created a first-of-its-kind free digital mental health marketplace to expand access to mental health services, inspired by the idea that it should be as easy to find mental health services as it is to book a flight.

Subscribe to the Project Healthy Minds newsletter on this page to get involved and receive more information about a new era of mental health. 

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What We're Looking Forward to

On Thursday, May 9th, a stunning group of Architects of Change will bring forth a thoughtful conversation on grief, loss, motherhood, joy, and ritual. Marisa Renee Lee, Michelle Hord, Stephanie Foo, and Lisa Keefauver invite you to join them for a virtual gathering moderated by Amanda Kloots. These powerful women will dig into the many faces of grief, new narratives around Mother's Day, honoring our wellbeing, and more.

Learn more and grab your virtual seat here.

What We’re Watching

Whatever you're doing, take 10 minutes to stop and watch this incredible short film. Directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tiffany Shlain and executive produced by Goldie Hawn and her organization MindUP, this film explores the enigmatic world of a teenager's brain, shedding light on how emotionally, malleable, and rapidly developing they are. "Now we have more science than ever before to understand the teen brain and why it's such an amazing time," Shlain says in the film. "So we asked the top scientists and researchers, 'What are the most important things to know about the teen brain?" This movie is a short but mighty contribution to the growing conversation around adolescence, mental health, and wellbeing. We love how one young man featured in the film puts it: "Honestly, I just wish adults would remember that they went through this too. They could really learn from who they used to be."

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