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Here’s How Today’s Super Bowl Teams Are Showing Excellence Off the Field By Giving Back

Here’s How Today’s Super Bowl Teams Are Showing Excellence Off the Field By Giving Back

By The Sunday Paper Team
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In the Spirit of Super Bown LVIII kicking off today at 6:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. PT), we wanted to highlight the efforts of both teams to give back and make a difference.

Kansas City Chiefs: Souper Bowl of Caring

The Kansas City Chiefs are a national sponsor of the Souper Bowl of Caring, which inspires people to tackle hunger in their local communities. “What if everyone watching the BIG GAME gave just $1 to hunger relief in their community? That would be over 330 million meals from just ONE event!”

Through the mobilization of resources such as churches, schools, civic groups, and caring individuals this movement has generated over $193 million in support that stays local to its communities.

Their signature annual event consists of thousands of individuals across the country participating in fundraisers for their local food charities. Harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of the Super Bowl weekend, individuals collect dollars in soup pots and canned food for those in need. They send every dollar and food donation directly to a local charity of their choice.

You can donate a dollar or make a food donation to a local food charity near you this weekend in support of this initiative!

Click here to learn more.

San Francisco 49ers: 49ers Foundation

Since 1991, the 49ers Foundation has invested more than $50 million back in historically underserved communities in the Bay Area.

The 49ers Foundation’s mission is to use football to educate and empower Bay Area youth. They use collective and innovative community-focused strategies like their award-winning STEAM education, nationally recognized youth football programs, and community partnerships with leading nonprofit organizations. Helping the Bay Area youth “tackle what is possible.”

This Super Bowl Sunday and after, you can support these community efforts by donating to the foundation. If you are local to the Bay Area you could also attend an upcoming event!

Click here to learn more.

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