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The Future Is Here

The Future Is Here

By Maria Shriver
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I had a really wild experience this past week. It was one that got me thinking a lot about original thoughts, the power of one’s mind, and the value of real life. It also got me thinking about how I write, and about what the future could look like for those of us who spend time thinking, writing, and creating.

As much as I love writing this column on Sundays, I do have to admit that it’s not an easy undertaking for me each week. It requires tremendous creativity, consistency, and quiet time. I spend a lot of time thinking before I start writing, and then once I do start writing, I spend a lot more time crafting my words and sentences before I share them with you here in The Sunday Paper.

The experience I had in my office the other day rocked all of that. But before I tell you more, let me share what I was originally hoping to write about this morning.

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