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The Long Haul

The Long Haul

By Maria Shriver
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When my mind starts acting up (which it’s been doing quite a bit lately), I find myself trying to drill down to the essence of what’s most important. What do I really need to be focusing on right now, and what should I let go or hand over to God?

I find myself really having to hand things over to God when I really can’t make sense of them. And I really can’t make sense of so much of the news lately. Everything I read seems destined to create instability and fear. Meanwhile, so many people around me—both near and far—are facing big life challenges. It’s a lot to process, but I try to remain calm.

The other day I was sitting around my kitchen table listening to family members tell me about the different things they've been feeling anxious about lately. I found myself telling them that the best way forward is to focus on the long haul.

"What do you mean by the long haul?" my son-in-law asked.

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