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We Are One

We Are One

By Maria Shriver
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I was flying home last Sunday on a flight that was supposed to take five hours, but ended up taking more than ten. Yep, that’s right.

It was a lot, but I share this not to rag on the airline, but instead to share what really impressed me about the experience: not one person on the plane lost it on that plane. Not one. No one yelled. No one screamed. No one demanded to get off. People simply behaved. They were gracious, patient, and understanding.

I held my breath every time there was a new announcement over the intercom about delays. I was sure that our flight would end up looking like so many of the flights I’ve seen on the news, but thankfully that did not occur. It was an important reminder for me that many of the images we see on the news do not represent who we really are.

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