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You Will Rise Again

You Will Rise Again

By Maria Shriver
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I saw the moon this morning. When I opened my eyes from my meditation, there it was.

It startled me at first. I didn’t expect to see the moon in the morning, so I felt called to speak to it.

“Wow, you aren’t supposed to be here, are you?” I said. “It’s morning, after all. I expect to see you at night, but not now.”

Then I stopped myself, supposing that those words carry judgment, even for the moon. So then I decided to simply enjoy its appearance for what it was. I marveled at the beauty of the moon, how it sat in the sky, and how it had come to me as an unexpected morning visitor.

My new way of thinking made me smile. The moon came to visit. I allowed myself to be surprised—overjoyed, in fact. I thought to myself, “You should take this approach into your week and into your life. Allow for the unexpected to surprise you and bring you joy. Don’t question it.”

Turn around your thoughts, as the spiritual teacher Byron Katie teaches us so well. Ask yourself, is it true that the moon doesn’t belong in the morning sky? Who says so? What if the sun surprised you at night like the moon surprised me in the morning?

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