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7 Smart Tips to Save Money on Gas This Weekend

7 Smart Tips to Save Money on Gas This Weekend

By Andrea Woroch
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Fuel prices hit a new national average high ahead of the busy holiday weekend at $4.60 per gallon just as millions of Americans are expected to hit the road. In fact, a new report about Memorial Day travel by revealed that despite an almost 32% increase in gas prices, 82% of Memorial Day weekend travelers will be doing so by car.

Don’t let rising fuel prices sabotage your holiday weekend plans. Money-saving expert Andrea Woroch shares 7 simple gas saving hacks for your next road trip.

No. 1: Fuel up midweek.
Beat the crowds and save by fueling up midweek. Gas costs will continue to climb throughout the week and spike on Friday, so you're better off getting gas now ahead of the rush.

No. 2: Redeem grocery rewards.
Take advantage of fuel reward programs offered by popular grocery chains that allow you to redeem loyalty points for discounts at partner gas stations. For example, Kroger’s Fuel Rewards program offers 1 fuel point for every dollar spent on groceries which can be used to save on gas at participating Shell stations.

No. 3: Reconsider how you pay.
Pay with cash when possible to save 10 to 15-cents per gallon. Otherwise, use a gas rebate card to earn more money back at the pump. You can even turn gas receipts into cash back by snapping pictures of them to Fetch Rewards, a cash back app that gives you points good towards free gift cards.

No. 4: Track gas prices along your route.
When traveling in unfamiliar areas, turn to a gas tracking app like GasBuddy or Gas Guru which uses your location to point you towards the cheapest fuel in the area which is especially helpful when trying to avoid those pricey gas stations right off the freeway.

No. 5: Get a tune up and drive wisely.
A tune up is key to getting better gas mileage including properly inflated tires, ensuring the right motor oil for your car make and model is used and checking the engine is running smoothly. Other tricks to maximize fuel economy: remove car racks, keep windows rolled up to reduce drag and set cruise control when possible to avoid excessive breaking and accelerating.

No. 6: Deliver a package or car to offset fuel costs.
Why not deliver a package on the way to your final destination if it means earning some cash to cover your fuel costs? Sign up for Roadie, the on-the-way delivery app, to find delivery jobs nearby. You can even find opportunities to deliver cars to different destinations through local dealerships or companies like Driveaway USA that hire drivers in all different parts of countries for various routes.

No. 7: Explore nearby.
You don’t have to drive far to get away this summer and you may be surprised to find plenty of interesting and fun sites to see within a short driving distance from home. If you aren’t sure where to go, use the RoadTrippers app to plan shorter road trips that excite you.

Don't let overwhelming fuel prices affect your Memorial Day weekend.

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