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Show Up for Yourself and Others

Show Up for Yourself and Others

By Maria Shriver
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My eyes scan the news all week long. I read, I listen, I watch, and I try to pay attention. I try to make sense of what I’m absorbing, and then I try to step back and feel my way through it. I see what bubbles to the surface and what I feel compelled to share with you here.

I choose not to share most of what I’ve read because I figure you’ve already seen or heard enough about it yourself. If you’re really interested in what Tucker Carlson thinks of the former president, then you’ve probably already read that story someplace else, along with stories about the former president’s possible indictment as soon as next week. You’ve probably also gotten your fill of the Murdaugh murder trial, the weather in California (which has been stunning and cost several people their lives), the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (the second-biggest bank failure in U.S. history).

Often by week’s end, I wonder to myself what’s even left for me to share in this space. Well, there was one article this week that did really get me thinking, and that was a piece about First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. In the article, Dr. Biden talks about her role as First Lady, but what really struck me were two other things she spoke about: 1) the lessons she said she gleaned from her divorce in her early twenties; and 2) the power of “showing up” in her life for herself and those she loves in life, both when it’s easy and especially when it’s hard.

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