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This Daughter Saved Her Father’s Life With a Selfless Act of Love

This Daughter Saved Her Father’s Life With a Selfless Act of Love

By The Sunday Paper Team
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In a touching, lifesaving act of love, 25-year-old Delayne Ivanowski from Kirkwood, Missouri donated her kidney to her father, John Ivanowski, and surprised him after keeping the plan a secret for over nine months.

While John originally did not approve of the idea, his daughter Delayne knew she needed to intervene to help him avoid waiting years for a potential donor and to stop him from spending several hours a week on dialysis.

Following the successful transplant surgery, Delayne’s dad learned she was his anonymous donor when she walked into his room wearing a hospital gown. She shared John’s emotional reaction in a TikTok video that has since captured millions of views.

Delayne hopes her family's story spreads awareness for the more than 104,000 people currently sitting on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ transplant in America.

“If anything, I've saved one life and hopefully I can, with awareness and other things, save other lives by encouraging people to become donors or to take that next step and go get the testing done to become a match,” she told ABC News. “It hurts, but all the pain is worth it in the end, I think.”

You can watch the sweet surprise in the TikTok video below and you can read more about Delayne’s beautiful gift to her father on ABC News.


watch my dad find out that I was his anonymous kidney donor after keeping it a secret for 8 months 🥹 grab a tissue! #fyp#kidneydonor

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