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60 Years Later: A Look Back at the Cuban Missile Crisis That Changed the World

60 Years Later: A Look Back at the Cuban Missile Crisis That Changed the World

By The Sunday Paper Team
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Sixty years ago today, the Cuban Missile Crisis began. It was and continues to be known as an unprecedented confrontation and political and military standoff.

President John F. Kennedy learned on October 16, 1962, that the Soviet Union was assembling nuclear-armed missiles on Cuba. If launched, those missiles would hit Florida and other parts of the eastern United States. President Kennedy placed a naval blockade on Cuba to prevent more missiles from getting to the island. What ensued over the following 13-plus days was a series of decisions made by President Kennedy and Soviet Union Premier Nikita Khrushchev to thwart nuclear war.

Americans and global citizens live with the legacy of this charged period in history. It was a time of fear. But it was also a period of exemplary leadership, fortitude, and grace that kept humanity safe and moving forward. Below is a compelling compilation of resources on the Cuban Missile Crisis put together by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum and JFK Library Foundation. We recommend reading and listening to these resources to continue to honor and follow the lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis today.

Atomic Gambit

This podcast explores the history of the crisis, replete with archival materials from the JFK Presidential Library and interviews with historians and Cold War experts. Learn more here.

The World on the Brink

This interactive website takes you through the crisis day-by-day. Experience it here.

The Cuban Missile Crisis: Lessons for Today

The JFK Presidential Library and Museum and JFK Library Foundation is putting on this two-session conference that examines the context of the crisis. Learn more here.

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