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Coming Home Again

Coming Home Again

By Maria Shriver
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I’m homebound this morning after spending the past week in our nation’s capital.

Washington D.C. used to be my home. It’s where my parents lived and worked, it’s where I grew up, where I made my earliest friendships, where I went to school, and it’s where I formed many memories that still live within me to this day. It’s also home to two of my brothers and their families.

In the past, whenever I visited D.C., I would say I was “going home.” That’s because, in many ways, Washington is a place where I built a version of myself, and it always felt like home to me. I also say that I’m “going home” whenever I head to Hyannisport, MA, in the summer. That's also a place that feels like home to me. It’s where my parents are buried, and it has been home to me and many members of my family over the years.

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