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Holding Space

Holding Space

By Maria Shriver
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What a moment we are in. What a time we are living through.

I know this week has been really, really difficult for so many. I know it's been so hard to bear witness, to look, and also to turn away.

My friend, who has family in Israel, said to me, “This time feels different—really, really different.” Another messaged me to say, “It is hard to believe that a solution will ever be found to resolve so much hate. I think this is only the beginning of another long conflict.”

Another friend, who recently married an Israeli, told me that her husband is inconsolable. “All he wants to do is return to Israel to fight,” she said. “I have no idea how to support him. I'm at a loss. I think I just have to let him go.”

And then there was my daughter. “Everyone I talk to tells me this is the beginning of World War 3. Is that true, Mommy?” she asked. “What do you think?”

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