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“I Have Always Loved Getting Older”: Tracee Ellis Ross Opens Up

“I Have Always Loved Getting Older”: Tracee Ellis Ross Opens Up

By The Sunday Paper Team
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Tracee Ellis Ross is full of optimism and excitement as she looks forward to celebrating her 50th birthday this month.

“I feel like I’m in the time of wander, ponder, be, and figuring out, What’s the next dream? What do I want next in this next chapter of my life?” she tells TODAY.

As she closes the chapter with her widely successful TV show, “Black-ish,” she’s preparing for the release of her brand-new docuseries, The Hair Tales. Throughout its six episodes, the series will highlight Black women and their identity, beauty, and the culture of their hair.

Ellis Ross says she’s reveling in the “beautiful life” she’s built for herself where she’s found her voice and is confident in facing her fears head on.

“I have always loved getting older,” she says. “There are certain things that are really strange, I am in perimenopause… But I feel like I am wiser, I’m more comfortable in my skin.”

You can watch her full interview on the TODAY Show here.

And we’d love to know: What was the last milestone birthday you had and how did you celebrate?

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