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Learn How "Hot Girl Walks" Are Sweeping the Country and Moving Humanity Forward

Learn How "Hot Girl Walks" Are Sweeping the Country and Moving Humanity Forward

By Stacey Lindsay
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If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you may have come across a fitness trend called hot girl walks—or as Mia Lind officially coined it, Hot Girl Walk™. As its name suggests, a hot girl walk encourages a self-loving state of mind while doing an often overlooked but highly beneficial form of exercise. It all started in late 2020 when Lind started taking walks for her physical and mental health. She discovered that when she put a positive and structured spin on it, she felt empowered. She shared her experience on social media—and the concept took off.

The Sunday Paper’s Ronny Hu connected with Lind to learn more about this uplifting trend. Combined with the accessibility and fun factor, what we love most about Hot Girl Walk™ is its inclusivity and endless love. “Anybody can go on a Hot Girl Walk,” Lind says when asked about other genders’ taking part. “If you look in a mirror, and there's someone looking back at you, you're HOT—and it's time to hit your Hot Girl Walk!"

A Conversation with Mia Lind

What’s the story behind Hot Girl Walk?

I started "Hot Girl Walking" in November 2020. At the time, we were all home for COVID. I was a senior at USC, President of my sorority, interning, and looking for full-time jobs in an unprecedented job market. I grew up dancing and exercise was always my outlet both physically and mentally, but I was not in the shape to be going on runs, which were the only videos I would see on TikTok besides at-home ab exercises. I felt like walking was not a legitimate form of exercise. It was something your mom forced you and your siblings to go on. One day, I decided to go out of boredom. I decided to keep my thoughts structured so I didn't spiral into negativity. I recognized I started to think about three things: what I'm grateful for, my goals and how I'd achieve them, and how hot I am! I posted about this on TikTok—and it has blown up ever since.

The first step is always the hardest. How would you encourage people to start?

The first step is definitely the hardest. There are a few different ways to motivate yourself: intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. If you're really not motivated, start with extrinsic motivation, whether that's going with an accountability buddy, bribing yourself with an iced coffee, or strutting in your new workout set. After the first few times, you'll start to associate your positive feelings about the Hot Girl Walk with making that first step. Before you know it, you'll be looking forward to your daily Hot Girl Walk, which will then spur that intrinsic motivation—motivation that comes from inside, rather than external influence.

What does Hot Girl Walk mean to you?

Being "Hot" comes from inside you. Everyone is "Hot" and the Hot Girl Walk just helps you recognize it and bring it out. The Hot Girl Walk is also about community, the incredible response it’s received has created a really strong, empowered group of people, sharing how they make the Hot Girl Walk their own.

The Hot Girl Walk has helped my confidence immensely. Since starting the Hot Girl Walk, I graduated with honors from USC, received a job in tech, and received a promotion. Hotness is not about physical appearance but being the best version of yourself you can be.

Mia Lind is the founder of Hot Girl Walk™, the exercise phenomenon that gained instant popularity after Lind posted her first TikTok video about it in January 2021. You can learn more and follow Lind on TikTok and @hotgirlwalk.

Stacey Lindsay

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