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Madness Is Temporary

Madness Is Temporary

By Maria Shriver
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March madness is in full swing, and I’m not talking about basketball!

Nope, this month there’s so much other madness swirling about: weather storms, bank storms, economic storms, and political storms, to name a few. The new-and-improved version of ChatGPT just launched and claims it can pass the SAT and the bar exam with flying colors. Deepfake videos rattled an entire school system in New York State. The Russians are pretending they were justified in attacking an American drone, even though video shows the contrary. And a historic indictment of a former president looms on the horizon, with Trump using his platforms this weekend to call for protests in a way that echoed January 6.

What’s real anymore? What’s fake? What’s safe? What’s sound? These are the questions that abound.

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