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News Above the Noise: Week of July 3, 2022

News Above the Noise: Week of July 3, 2022

By The Sunday Paper Team

Editor's Note: Every week, The Sunday Paper's team of journalists sifts through the news to make sense of what's happening in the world and provide hope for your week to come. We find what Rises Above the Noise and do our best to highlight what we think matters. If you’d like to read more in-depth, please note that while we do our best to feature articles that are not behind a paywall, some of the news pieces we recommend require their own subscriptions beyond our control.

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1. America Is Growing Apart, Possibly for Good

When you think about the United States this holiday weekend, do you imagine a single nation, united under God, indivisible—or one that’s divided? In Ronald Brownstein’s recent piece in The Atlantic, he makes the argument that “the great divergence” now under way between red and blue states is a defining characteristic of 21st-century America—and a major reversal from the middle decades of the 20th century, when the trend was toward greater convergence. READ MORE.

2. Feminist Leaders on Why They Won’t Give Up Hope

Two days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, award-winning journalist Jessica Yellin called the two people she knew could put the news into perspective: Gloria Steinem and Meghan Markle. In THIS ARTICLE, they talk about abortion rights, the ERA, and why they refuse to give up hope.

3. Lessons From 40 Men in Egalitarian Relationships

Gender equality can be tricky business. You might think there’s no discrepancy between what you and your husband do, for example—but then reconsider when you think on the amount of time you each spend on tasks like cleaning and caregiving in addition to full-time work. So many couples who pride themselves on a fair distribution of duties aren’t so balanced, argues author Kate Mangino, a gender expert who recently published Equal Partners: Improving Gender Equality at Home. That’s why she interviewed 40 men who live as truly equal partners—lessons all of us can (and should!) take to heart. READ MORE.

4. You Know About Fight of Flight. What About Fawning?

Turns out trauma responses go beyond fight, flight, and freeze: Sometimes, people “fawn,” says new research. What does that mean? Fawning involves abandoning your own needs to appease and avoid conflict—a.k.a. people pleasing. Curious to learn more, and to figure out if you fawn? READ MORE.

5. Setting Boundaries Can Be Difficult, But Necessary

This holiday weekend, you may be spending more time with loved ones and while that can be fun, it can also bring up old “stuff”—patterns that we’ve learned no longer serve us but that are hard to break free from. Enter the importance of setting boundaries, something that can be much easier to do with strangers than with the people closest to us, but that is so important to learn how to do. For more on the importance of setting boundaries and guidance on how to do it, CLICK HERE.

6. 17 Good Things That Happened This Week

Last week was a doozy, wasn’t it? Between Supreme Court decisions that left many of us reeling and other heartbreaking headlines, it’s tempting to give up hope. Yet despite everything that’s going on right now, there are still many great things happening. THIS STORY helped us remember there’s always light and joy to be had even when things feel bleak.

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