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News Above the Noise: Week of November 13, 2022

News Above the Noise: Week of November 13, 2022

By The Sunday Paper Team
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1. 10 Candidates Made History in Last Week’s Midterms

We saw several historic “firsts” across the country after Tuesday’s midterm elections, from Wes Moore elected Maryland’s first Black governor and Maura Healey elected the nation’s first openly lesbian governor to 25-year-old Maxwell Frost becoming the first Gen Z elected to Congress and James Roesener the first transgender man elected to any state legislature. To read more about these candidates, click here.

2. Why More Women Are Rejecting Plastic Surgery

You’ve heard of “body positivity”—a movement that’s helped countless women embrace their bodies, no matter their size. Now, a new trend called “face positivity” is picking up steam. Fed up with the relentless pursuit of “perfect” features—and all of the plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures needed to attain that status—more people are reverting to au naturel. For more on the trend, click here.

3. A New Study Finds Meditation As Effective as Drugs for Anxiety

When you suffer from anxiety, managing your thoughts and emotions can be completely overwhelming. And while effective medication to manage symptoms exists, not everyone responds well to the drugs or wants to be on prescription medication for extended periods of time. That’s why the results of a new study are so exciting: For the first time, scientists compared patients who took an intensive eight-week mindfulness meditation program to patients who took the anxiety drug Lexapro, and they found that both interventions worked equally well in reducing debilitating anxiety symptoms. To learn more about the study, click here.

4. Can a Crossword Puzzle A Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Good news for those who look forward to the newspaper’s weekly crossword (and inspiration for those of us who aren’t as keen on them to give it a try): A new study found that regularly attempting a crossword puzzle may help slow decline in some people with mild cognitive impairment. To read more about this new research, click here.

5. What to Do After Being Laid Off

Layoffs are sweeping the U.S. in recent weeks, and if you happen to be one of the employees whose job has been cut, it can be stressful to say the least. However, rather than sprucing up your resume and praying a recruiter will call you, one career coach provides five steps to take first. To read them, click here.

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