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The “AdvancedStyle” Movement Highlights How Personal Fashion Gets Better With Age

The “AdvancedStyle” Movement Highlights How Personal Fashion Gets Better With Age

By The Sunday Paper Team
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In 2008, Ari Seth Cohen launched a photography blog called Advanced Style that would captivate millions of hearts. At the time, Cohen was a recent college graduate reeling from the death of his maternal grandmother, with whom he was extremely close. He took pictures to help ease the pain from his loss and connect with others. His images and subsequent blog posts of stunning fashionably dressed people aged 60 and older ended up taking the world by storm.

These days, Advanced Style is more than a blog or website—it’s a movement. Cohen has singlehandedly proven that beauty and rule-breaking, head-turning style needn’t only be paired with people of a certain age. Advanced Style shows images of 80-plus-year-olds in vibrant makeup and outfits and 70-year-olds exclaiming about the “gift” of aging and having a community. The platform attracts iconoclastic people of the “senior set,” as Cohen says, who exude style, creativity, and endless wisdom.

We urge you to explore the world of Advanced Style, which includes a website, documentary, Instagram account, several books, and much more. Visiting Cohen’s work is a guaranteed surge of positivity and light.

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