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The Leader Within

The Leader Within

By Maria Shriver
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The birds are especially loud this morning. Out of the darkness, they beckon to no one in particular. Are they saying good morning? I wonder. Or maybe they are this loud because they are in distress and need help. Maybe they are trying to see if there is anyone out there to assist them.

For some reason, I think it's the latter. Why might the birds be different from everyone else who beckons or screeches in the early hours of the day or deep into the evening? Their sounds feel like the same beckoning I hear from the humans I encounter, the humans I see on the street, the humans I speak with and listen to. When my ear is to the ground, I feel this is what I hear: Is anyone out there who can help? Help us get back on track, help us reimagine, help us find our civility, help us help one another.

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